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Elevation Polish Avalanche! on a blue gradient.

 The old polish in this nail art is Agnès b. Swimming blue, that I used in a gradient with Kiko 295 Cerulean Blue and Kiko 340 Light Blue. I added a coat of Elevation Polish Avalanche! on top.

As you can see on the bottle, Swimming Blue is a polish for feet... Hmmm why? Absolutely no idea, lol! Maybe because when I bought it, wearing a blue like this one on your finger nails wasn't usual...? Oh, us French and our boring French manicures and boring red and pink polishes! :P Or maybe, you have to use special nail polishes on your feet, and no one told me about it??? o_O

Hope you liked this mani =)


  1. I love this alternating gradient!!! and the glitter is spectacular!


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