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Nail mail - Week #36 || Sea Lore order, YAY!!!

You saw one of the amazing polishes I got in the mail yesterday in my previous post... now you will see the others ^^

Sea Lore - Attina, Ariel, Andrina, Aquata

Few days ago, even if I had already exceeded my polish budget, I couldn't resist, I ordered 4 polishes from my friend Jamie, the sweet owner of Sea Lore ♥

Little mermaid sticker ♥ I love it!!!
The Triton's Daughters collection is really amazing, I want them all! but I couldn't.. so I only bought 4 minis!

Sea Lore - Attina, Ariel, Andrina, Aquata
Each shade is available in 7,5mL ($5.50) or in 15mL ($10) at You can get a free nail polish ring (Triton's daughter of your choice) with a purchase over $20. How nice is that? My choice was Ariel!!! My all time favorite mermaid ^^

Ariel nail polish ring ♥


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